June 13, 2003

HOMEFRONT: In about three hours

HOMEFRONT: In about three hours I'm heading to Minnesota for a leisurely, nine-day vacation, where I'll be seeing Wilco tonight, going to my first Metrodome Twins game in three years on Monday, and sleeping as much as possible. One place I won't be going is Chino Latino, one of those godawful "fusion" restaurants that, as reported by Lileks the other day, is using "edgy" advertising. So edgy, in fact, that it might just make you shit yourself:

Of the many aren’t-we-naughty! billboards Chino Latino put up, two stood out: one said they had three spice levels. Hot, Very Hot, and Excuse Me I Have to Go to the Bathroom. Ha ha! We put so much pepper in the food you will spray your entree from your hindquarters before you are finished! Ha ha! The second was for the Tio Pepe Taco, or some such item, and it was described simply as “Runs South of the Border.” I remember looking up at that billboard, and thinking this was like promising that they only served undercooked chicken. No thanks.

Also, in honor of my upcoming visit, here's this, from Bloviating Inanities correspondent Keith Susskins:

Minnesota: Land of one big swamp
Minnesota: Sorry about Paul Wellstone
Minnesota: Sorry about Walter Mondale
Minnesota: Sorry about Garrison Keillor
Minnesota: Sorry about Jesse Ventura
Minnesota: Please take Prince off our hands
Minnesota: Gives new meaning to shrinkage
Minnesota: Mosquitoes big enough for frying
Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Taxes
Minnesota: The New Somalia
Minnesota: Sorry about the Liberals
Minnesota: We elected a two-headed calf
Minnesota: Where Welfare is a growth industry

During my vacation posting may be light. Or it may be heavy. We'll see.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 13, 2003 10:27 AM
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