June 10, 2003


ESOTERIC WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Cracksmoker.com, a survey of athletes guilty of bad behavior, including (but certainly not limited to) crack-smoking itself.

AND SPEAKING OF WHICH...: Gammons reports this morning (though it has yet to picked up by anyone else) that on his way out of Boston Shea Hillenbrand expressed his frustrations over a year of trade rumors by directing a vicious anti-gay slur at Red Sox GM Theo Epstein.
When this story breaks big time, probably today or tomorrow, expect it to bring strange bedfellows, as the gay rights movement and sabermetric movement jockey for position over who hates Hillenbrand more. "He hates gays... and he doesn't walk enough!"

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 10, 2003 12:30 PM
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