June 09, 2003


WEIRDEST GAMMONS QUOTE EVER: "This is not an American president looking into the camera and blatantly lying. This is not a Harvard student being dismissed for cheating, or later driving a car with a female companion into the ocean; and he recovered to introduce and enact more legislature that any man in the history of the U.S. Senate. This isn't the managing editor of the New York Times perpetrating and promoting serious fraud. This is not a major league manager betting on his team's games. This is hitting a ground ball to second base with a corked bat." -Peter Gammons, trying to put the Sosa thing in perspective by establishing that Sosa's deeds are not nearly as nefarious as those of Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Howell Raines, or Pete Rose.
But what's the point of including the legislation part about Ted? And Raines was executive editor, not managing- and while he may have let serious fraud happen under his nose- did he really "perpetrate" and "promote" it himself? Or is Gammons talking about Gerald Boyd, who was managing editor? For the analogy to work he could've just mentioned Blair, but I wonder why he didn't- does the longtime Boston Globe employee have some grudge with the Times' top brass that we don't know about?

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 9, 2003 11:54 AM
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