June 09, 2003


WHAT IF THEY GAVE A CHAMPIONSHIP AND NOBODY CAME?: Worthwhile cover story in USA Today Friday (a rarity, I know) on why people in New Jersey just can't seem to bring themselves to give a shit about the Nets or Devils. I see their point- I spent the whole weekend in New Jersey and I can't recall seeing a single person in a Nets or Devils jersey- could you imagine the furor that would be going on in New York right now if both the Knicks and Rangers were going for championships? Something like excitement of the Subway Series, I bet.
It goes to show just how ridiculous the idea is of having suburban competitors to large-market, metropolitan teams. If people can't get excited about the prospect of a championship (let alone two the same year), then why even bother?

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 9, 2003 12:07 AM
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