May 09, 2003

SOMETHING WILD: The Minnesota Wild

SOMETHING WILD: The Minnesota Wild last night won Game 7 of their second-round NHL playoff series, defeating the Vancouver Canucks 4-2. With the victory the Wild became the first team in NHL history (and, I believe, the first in sports since the 1985 Kansas City Royals) to come back from 3-1 deficits twice in the same season.
The victory sets up a Western Conference finals between the 6th-seated Wild and the 7th-seated Anaheim Mighty Ducks, which is an even more unlikely matchup than the last Minnesota-Anaheim series, the Twins-Angels ALCS of 2002. The Quickie's way of pointing that out? "No. 6 Minny vs. No. 7 Anaheim."
This Minny thing is really getting out of hand, though this time Quickie author Dan Shanoff offends other cities as well, referring to Sacramento as "Sacto."
For comparitive purposes, and to make sure my hypothesis of no Minnesotan ever saying "Minny" was correct, I did a search of the Star Tribune's website. I found that in the past month the only Minny's mentioned were in a satirical column two weeks ago by Patrick Reusse, and a series of boxscores that included the name of South Korean women's golfer Minny Yeo. I think we should introduce Ms. Yeo to Dan Shanoff; perhaps they'll hit it off, Rushin/Lobo style.
And much as the Minny thing bugs me, I do find it kind of charming when columnist Ralph Wiley refers to his former employer, Sports Illustrated, as "The Illy." I'd love it if one time he called it "The Ill Na Na."

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 9, 2003 01:04 PM
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