April 25, 2003

MINNY WATCH: ESPN.com's Daily Quickie

MINNY WATCH: ESPN.com's Daily Quickie today completes a five-day week in which they erroneously referred to my home state as "Minny" every single day. Though it was a week in which the Wolves won two consecutive playoff games against the Lakers, and the Wild won its first-ever playoff series against Colorado. And two weeks ago, the Gophers won the national championship in hockey after getting the Minny Treatment from Page 2- apparently, we've got a reverse-curse on our hands. So I hearby drop my objection to "Minny"- but only for the Quickie.
(Yes, I know the Twins have lost 6 straight. But that's only 'cause the Quickie hasn't mentioned them!)

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 25, 2003 12:36 PM

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