April 23, 2003


KNIGHT OF THE CANNIBAL: Now that Death Row Records founder Suge Knight's days as a figure of consequence in the music industry are but a distant memory, he's needing to find different means (though not necessarily new ones, for him) of staying in the headlines.
In the sort of case that must give Bill O'Reilly wet dreams at night, Knight was recently sued in connection with the case of Antron Singleton, an aspiring rapper also known as "Big Lurch." Lurch stands accused of murdering- and then cannibalizing- a young woman by the name of Tynisha Ysais, and it's claimed in the lawsuit that Knight encouraged Singleton to engage in such behavior so that he may develop "street cred" and cultivate a "thuggish" reputation that would lead to success in the rap world. The plan backfired however, as Singleton is most likely headed to the slammer for the foreseeable future, and Knight now claims that "Big Lurch" was never signed to Death Row Records at all (Knight was subsequently dismissed from the lawsuit filed by Ysais' mother.)
Knight, who was released from prison last year, also surfaced recently as a suspect in the shooting of a member of Snoop Dogg's entourage, and announced that he's writing a tell-all autobiography. Interesting theory, that murder and cannibalism can HELP a rapper's career. After all, it didn't hurt 50 Cent that he was both shot and stabbed multiple times before he hit it big. But all Eminem has ever done is talk about controversial stuff and shared his violent fantasies, and he's certainly never eaten anyone- he only cannibalizes culture.
Speaking of Suge, my favorite question from Entertainment Weekly's recent "Great American Pop Culture Quiz":
Q: What do John Wayne and Suge Knight have in common?
A: They both have the given first name "Marion."

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