April 08, 2003


BUY THAT MAN A MILLER: Here's a bunch of great quotes from Dennis Miller, who has emerged as perhaps Hollywood's most humorous and articulate spokesmen for the pro-liberation cause. In fact, Miller appears to adhere to a not-quite-conservative politics that's shared by many in comedy and (unlike Moore/Sarandonism) by countless regular folks as well. Highly influential entertainers such as Miller, Howard Stern, "South Park"'s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Drew Carey, and formerly Bill Maher (before he went hard-left) practice a certain fun-loving brand of neo-libertarianism that is strongly pro-American, pro-freedom of speech, pro-sexual freedom, and in defense of vulgarity, while strongly opposed to political correctness, prudery, censorship from the right or left, or fundamentalist thinking of any kind. It's an almost natural political philosophy for anyone who is generally sympathetic to social liberalism, yet strongly opposed to the coercive tactics of the far left and far right alike. It may not wash in family-values-centric electoral politics (though Jesse Ventura in a way followed it), but the success of Stern and "South Park" shows that it at least has millions of adherents, myself included.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 8, 2003 04:15 AM
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