April 03, 2003

HOBOKEN SHOOTOUT: Despite persistent, "Sopranos"-fueled

HOBOKEN SHOOTOUT: Despite persistent, "Sopranos"-fueled rumors of continuing mob influence, my adopted hometown of Hoboken really hasn't been a major gangster haven for decades, not since the "On the Waterfront" days of the '50s. But that all changed tonight, when a high speed chase resulted in gunfire and the shooting of cops at two different intersections, one of which was merely a block from my apartment. Thankfully, both cops survived.
The trouble began a little before 8PM when a passenger getting out of a cab on Washington between Fourth and Fifth Streets refused to pay the cabbie and instead shot him in the leg. The suspect then allegedly carjacked a Ford Explorer and sped towards Jersey City, stopping to shoot at a police officer outside of a convenience store at the intersection of First and Adams, which I had jogged past about 90 minutes before (I was able to hear the gunshots from my apartment, but at first I thought they were firecrackers). The chase then continued into JC, where one of the suspects was shot and killed about a half-hour later.
And even though we're at war right now, the Hoboken gunfire story led the late local news on both WCBS and WNBC.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 3, 2003 01:12 AM
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