March 27, 2003

CLOTHES WHORES: There's a story

CLOTHES WHORES: There's a story in the fashion section of this morning's New York Post that's embarrassing even by Post standards. As the story tells it, it turns out there's a new trend of nubile, middle- and upper-class young women in New York turning to prostitution. Is it to avoid poverty or unemployment? Nope. To support their young children? Uh-uh. To put themselves through college? Um, no- it's so they can afford super-expensive clothes!
The story, written by "Precious Williams" (I don't even have a joke), quotes a few coeds and young professional women who have embraced the world's oldest profession in order to fund their ridiculously expensive fashion tastes- and in the process the Post has plunges even further below its previous low (which is the Sandy Koufax outing, I'd say; after all, I liked the "weasels" cover). This is the sort of thing that Bill O'Reilly would be loudly pontificating against if the Post weren't his corporate cousin within the News Corp. empire.
And if that weren't bad enough, the Post even includes their usual anorexic-model photos, only instead of being accompanied by dollar signs, the clothes are assigned a "tricks" value- as in, "Tori must turn three tricks in order to buy that fabulous pair of pink pants."
I originally thought that whole SaveKaryn thing (a girl who ran up $20,000 in credit card debt on clothes) was the nadir of the beauty addiction that's plaguing today's young women. But obviously this new hooker "trend" is even more shameful. Where do these people get the idea that they HAVE to have these ridiculously expensive clothes, even to the point of demeaning themselves by becoming hookers? They can't even go into mountains of credit card debt, or find rich boyfriends/husbands, or GET A JOB, the methods more commonly favored by hypermaterialistic New York women.
Kind of like that bogus "bug-chasing" thing from Rolling Stone a few months ago, I highly doubt that this is actually a "trend" at all, but rather just something a couple of Precious' friends have done. But still, like most New York City social problems, I blame this one on "Sex and the City." Shame on the producers of that show for giving women the implicit message that their lives are worth nothing if they don't look, talk, act, and dress identically to that bony little wench Sarah Jessica Parker.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 27, 2003 11:23 PM
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