March 20, 2003


THE CULT OF BILLY ZANE: Yes, it exists. You might think the silly, semi-obscure actor might have lost all credibility after his embarassing performance as the villain in the most-seen movie of all time, "Titanic." But apparently, the man still has fans, enough of them to support a website called The Billy Zane Museum. Incidentally, the page devoted to the 2002 movie "CQ," in which Zane played a Che Guevera-like revolutionary, has purloined my entire ADFilmWorks/Rotten Tomatoes review of that film, apparently just for the quotes in which I state that I

"laughed at every second of the Billy Zane performance; after TITANIC hell obviously never be taken seriously as an actor again, but hes perfect in such a tongue-in-cheek role."

Normally I'd take offense that my words were used without permission by fans of a marginal actor like Billy Zane, but for now I'll take it as a compliment.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 20, 2003 10:30 PM
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