March 19, 2003

FINAL THOUGHTS: Wildly divergent, but

FINAL THOUGHTS: Wildly divergent, but all worthwhile, last-minute Iraq thoughts from throughout the blogosphere: Mike Silverman says "Oseh Shalom." Paul Katcher does NOT feel guilty about being an American. Seth D. Michaels thinks the president is wrong, but hopes he's right. John Paul Pagano is "ecstatic for the Iraqis who will soon be free." The Homeless Guy contrasts our government's foreign policy with their unwillingness to help out folks such as himself. Meryl Yourish shares with us a song she wrote about neocons, and other Jews under fire. VodkaPundit Stephen Green has got (what else?) the Gulf War Drinking Game. And Rachel Lucas prepared for the upcoming war by getting a new gun.
Bill Cimino, on the other hand, dispenses with Iraq altogether in favor of a humorous Catholic-schoolgirl blowjob story. If only the good die young, it would only follow that Saddam Hussein is about to die at the relatively grizzled age of 65.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 19, 2003 03:27 PM
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