March 19, 2003


ON THE EVE OF WAR: I'm sure I'm not the only one with a certain feeling tonight that "this is it." So morbidly funny that for the past six months or so I've thought about so little, intellectually, other than this war, and yet now it still hasn't sunk in that it's actually about to happen. Now, the seemingly eternal debate is finally over, with a whole other set of debates likely right around the corner.
Due in large part to the threat of terrorism, I can't help but feeling everyone's just a bit on edge- today in my office, for instance, someone shouted "holy shit!," causing six other people to instantly turn to the TV and just as quickly breathe a sigh of relief upon discovering that the "holy shit" was reaction to a news report of snow in Colorado. It's been summer-like in New York this week, you see.
My thoughts now are with our troops in the Gulf, about to engage an historical war that's very likely to have as much effect on the next several decades of American history than anything in our lifetimes thus far. Because no matter how sure we are that we have the moral high ground, that we're right, that we're the good guys, there can be little doubt that with this war, we're entering the realm of uncharted territory.
At this point, the best thing we can do is hope (and/or pray) for a short war, a successful war, with as few casualties as possible, planting the seeds for a vibrant democracy in Iraq, and the end of global terrorism.
More to come...

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 19, 2003 03:15 AM
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