March 14, 2003


TIME FOR A SITDOWN: James Gandolfini is threatening to give up his role as Tony Soprano in a dispute with HBO over his contract. The two sides have sued each other, and the network has even announced that production on season 5 will be delayed until the dispute is resolved.
It's time to get into gear, Mayor Bloomberg. True, he may be a cigarette-banning, subway-fare-raising buffoon most of the time, but in the last week alone Bloomberg's mediation efforts have solved both the Broadway musicians' strike, and the 18-month Yankees-Cablevision war. Now even though Mayor Mike admitted during his 2001 run that he had never seen "The Sopranos" (nor "Seinfeld" or "Sex and the City"), he may be the only one who can get Gandolfini back on the show.
Now if he could just do something about that little Tony-Carmella dispute...

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 14, 2003 06:54 PM
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