March 13, 2003


THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM (FRIES): I enjoy making fun of the French just as much as the next guy, make no mistake. But I draw the line at this hubristic nonsense that demands French Fries be renamed "Freedom Fries." At first it was just some silly diner owner in North Carolina, but now no less an authority than the US House of Representatives has signed on.
Now I'm putting aside the absurdity of assigning villainy to French Fries, which are not, nor have ever been, French. What bothers me most about the rise of Freedom Fries is that it's just a right-wing version of the same linguistic buggery that's usually known as "political correctness." Just like kooky academic leftists who try to make it a thought crime to refer to a woman as a "woman," "Freedom Fries" is just another attempt to hijack everyday language in the service of a narrow political agenda.
So in the tradition of anti-PC zealotry worldwide, I offer my final analysis: "Freedom Fries: They're Retarded."

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 13, 2003 12:36 AM
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