January 30, 2003


MORE REGIME CHANGE AT NYPRESS: The Editor-in-Chief's job at New York Press has had a rate of turnover lately that's reminiscent of the Soviet Communist dictatorship, circa 1983-'84. First longtime editor John Strausbaugh (the Brezhnev figure) was fired when the paper was sold at Christmastime. Then the editorship of his replacement, Lisa "Andropov" Kearns, lasted all of three weeks until she announced her resignation last week. Now, the New York Post's Keith Kelly reports that Jeff Koyen, an American who is currently with an alternative paper in Prague called The Pill, and has written for the Press in the past, has been tapped as the new editor. Whether Koyen will be a Chernenko or a Gorbachev remains to be seen, but it appears some writers at the paper are either taking advantage of the leadership confusion or are caught up in it: this week the Press published a column by Jim Knipfel that already ran, two months ago.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 30, 2003 05:02 PM
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