January 16, 2003


GOOD ARGUMENT FOR CLASS WARFARE: According to a story in Tuesday's New York Times, a "philanthropist" named Peter B. Lewis recently donated $8 million to the ACLU, on the condition that it be earmarked towards "fighting anti-terrorism measures."
Funny, if i had a spare $8 million lying around that I was looking to bequeth for the betterment of humanity, I can think right off the bat of a couple dozen causes much more worthy of my time and attention than "fighting anti-terrorism." First and foremost among those, I'd say, would be "fighting terrorism."
It says a lot about Mr. Lewis that he made that choice, and it says even more about the New York Times that they take it for granted that anti-terrorism measures are somehow a greater evil than terrorism measures.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 16, 2003 01:41 AM
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