December 23, 2002

FUZZY PATH: Taking the train

FUZZY PATH: Taking the train into Manhattan tonight, I saw two subway advertisements that gave me a chuckle. First I saw a poster for an upcoming made-for-TV biopic of John F. Kennedy, Jr. And in this movie, Jacqueline Kennedy Onannis is played by... Jacqueline Bisset. Yes, the mother of John-John (whose mother was named Jacqueline and whose wife's last name was Bissette) is being played by Jacqueline Bisset. It's the most ironic casting choice since Sam Shepard and Scott Glenn were cast in a movie ("The Right Stuff") in which two of the main characters were Alan Shepard and John Glenn.
Next to the JFK poster was another of those wonderful Drug Free America ads, this time localized to the Partnership For a Drug-Free New Jersey. This advert featured pictures of two rather appetizing-looking wrap sandwiches, next to a note cautioning parents to "eat at least one meal a day with your child, and he/she will be less likely to try marijuana." Because if you don't, and your child does try marijuana, he or she will subsequently eat lots and lots and lots of meals- and probably without you.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 23, 2002 11:38 PM
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