December 17, 2002


JANE, YOU IGNORANT...: The New York Post's Adam Buckman has a report today about an upcoming sitcom called "Town Slut." Originally under consideration by Fox two years ago, "Town Slut" is a strong contender to appear on NBC's fall schedule. The show is the story of a single mother raising three children by three different fathers- and all hilarity, I'm imagining, ensues.
Ever since I first heard about "Town Slut" I've been fascinated by the concept, especially that audacious name. I even imagined a theme song, preferably sung to the tune of Steve Martin's "King Tut." But unfortunately, Buckman writes, the producers will likely have to change the name if it ever becomes a series, in order to avoid boycotts from the William Donahues and William Bennetts of the world.
"Town Slut"/Could've won an Emmy!/"Town Slut"....

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 17, 2002 11:42 PM
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