December 04, 2002


"STUPID FOCKIN' GAME": I'm loving this story about Tiger Woods and his caddie. During a tournament last weekend, a cameraman snapped a picture of Tiger as he was shooting a putt and caused him to hit it errantly. As a result, Woods' caddie Steve Williams grabbed the man's camera and threw it in the water. Williams (who has the same real name as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and even looks like him) has thus far refused to apologize.
This is eerily reminiscent of a "Sopranos" episode from Season 3, in which Tony Soprano and Furio visit a golf course in order to intimidate Uncle Junior's doctor, John Kennedy. When Dr. Kennedy refuses at first to set an appointment for Junior, Furio knocks his cell phone into the water. But that's not the best part- when Tony first approaches Kennedy, in a direct reference to Tiger's caddie he introduces Furio as "Mr. Williams"! I guess Steve decided he had to live up to his "Sopranos" pedigree- good thing he didn't decapitate the guy, or otherwise give him the Ralphie Treatment.

UPDATE: A reader asks: "Does this mean that, in a jealous rage over the affections of Elin Nordegren, Mr. Williams will try to kill Tiger by pushing him into a moving helicopter blade?"

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 4, 2002 05:56 PM
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