December 03, 2002


BEATTY, DUNAWAY, CARTER, & KNOWLES: The first single from Jay-Z's new double-album, "The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse," is a sweet, romantic duet between the rapper and his girlfriend, Destiny's Child's Beyonce Knowles, called "'03 Bonnie and Clyde." In the song the two stars rap and sing about their love, at no point even hinting that Bonnie and Clyde (both in reality and the movie) were ruthless criminals who killed people and robbed banks. J-HOVA may be a gangsta, but there's no reference anywhere in the song to either killin' or robbin'- Beyonce's only about 20 so I don't fault her for not knowing better, but Mr. Izzo really flubbed the ball on this one. He was much more on the ball when addressing "Big Pimpin'"; monogamy has apparently mellowed him.
A much more faithful interpretation was Eminem's 1999 rap "'97 Bonnie and Clyde," in which, addressing his daughter Haillie, Em raps: "Da-da made a nice bed for mommy at the bottom of the lake/Here, you wanna help da-da tie a rope around this rock? (yeah!)/We'll tie it to her footsie then we'll roll her off the dock"

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 3, 2002 04:40 AM
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