November 26, 2002


MY GENERATION'S FIRST GM: The Boston Red Sox announced today that they have hired 28-year-old Yale grad Theo Epstein as their new general manager, becoming the youngest man to hold that title in the history of the game, as well as one of only two current GMs who are Jewish (the other is Mark Shapiro of the Cleveland "Baseball Team" Indians).
Epstein, who was only two years old when the Sox lost the 1975 World Series and only 13 when they lost in 1986, will join a brain trust that also includes team president Larry Lucchino, erstwhile acting GM Mike Port, former Phillies exec Lee Thomas, former Tigers GM Bill Lajoie, and legendary statistician Bill James. The best baseball teams in recent years have all been led by visionaries in the GM's seat, and Sox certainly hope that Epstein can live up to the successes of Brian Cashman, Brian Sabean, Billy Beane, and the like. Even though the Twins are my team I've always maintained that a Red Sox championship would be better for the game than perhaps any other development- perhaps it will be a kid that ultimately leads them there. Even if he is younger than many of the players that he'll be signing and trading.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 26, 2002 04:19 AM
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