November 21, 2002


WALKING CONTRADICTION: If you live in New York or any other major city, chances are you're familiar with the ever-present spectacle of idiots walking down the street yapping on their cell phones, not caring at all that they're exposing everyone around them to every last detail of their latest psychodrama. Whether they're talking to their broker or their baby-mama is immaterial; the conversation might as well always go "look at me! I'm a nuisance!"
Yesterday on Sixth Avenue I saw a guy with a better idea- he was typing on a laptop as he walked down the street. No, not a Palm Pilot, an actual regulation-size ibook, which he was holding up with one hand and typing on with the other. This guy may have looked goofy but hey, at least he was silent.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 21, 2002 11:34 PM
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