November 18, 2002


WHAT'S WITH THESE HOMIES DISSIN' MY BLOG?: Upon arriving at work this morning and checking my e-mail I discovered that, at least within the subculture of online Weezer fans, I've become something of a minor celebrity. A little explanation:
Back in September I posted a goofy, tongue-in-cheek polemic on this blog in which I suggested that the video for the recent Weezer single "Keep Fishin'" (which guest-starred the Muppets) was an endorsement of inter-species sexuality. I posted it to BlogCritics as well and pretty much forgot about it until this morning, when the webmaster of (a fellow by the name of Karl Koch) posted the link on the site's newspage, where it was apparently read by dozens, if not hundreds of people. In turn, a couple dozen of those Weezer fans then posted comments (scroll down) on the original post, some complementary but others not so friendly. Here are a few of my favorites:
-"The symbolism of Pat [Wilson, the band's drummer] using the lampshade was far more subversive to our culture's foundation than mrs. piggy."
-"I'm pretty sure muppets dont have sexual organs, and if they do, i'm sure they dont fit in/on/around ours."
-"Not only is Miss Piggy married to kermit, Pat is married too. "
-"Ok, lets all admit, we've wanted to boink a muppet a few times in our lives."
-"Miss Piggy is a polygomous bitch."
Ah, who knew blog-world celebrity would have to come as a result of something so absurd? For what it's worth, BlogCritics editor-in-chief Eric Olson has his own analysis of all this.
In the meantime, I sure hope Maggie Gallagher doesn't have a high-traffic fan site...

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 18, 2002 10:10 PM
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