November 16, 2002


MAGGIE LOVES THE MULLAHS?: With her latest New York Post/Town Hall column, Maggie Gallagher achieves the unique distinction of becoming the very first Christian conservative to publicly express support for militant Islam's sick subjugation of women. In the column Gallagher stands foursquare with the Taliban and the sadistic clerics who rule Saudi Arabia and Iran when she states that she has no problem with those governments forcing women to cover themselves from head to toe, because "democracy and human rights do not require sexual libertinism."
Ironically in agreement with radical feminists who argue that the burqua and the bikini are different but equally savage forms of oppression, Gallagher would apparently prefer an America where women are forbidden by the government to show their ankles to one in which they freely sport tank tops and short shorts.
To Gallagher, feminism and sexual freedom are apparently worse menaces to society than tyranny and terror. Does she not realize that the subjugation and humiliation of women has long been a cornerstone of Islamo-fascism? Their sickness in wishing to control women (whether through dress codes or "honor killings") goes hand-in-hand with their sickness in wishing to blow up innocent Americans and Israelis. Gallagher writes that in Saudi Arabia "women are not allowed to drive, have no rights to their children... and lack the basic rights to freedom and religion." How can she not see that the Saudis' policy of not allowing women out of the house unless covered head-to-toe belongs on that list as well? Doesn't she remember the glorious sight of Afghani women triumphantly tearing off their burquas after the Taliban fell? She mislabels these "dress codes" as women exercising freedom of religion, which they're not doing at all- they're being forced to dress a certain way, and if they don't comply, people come to their houses and shoot them.
Opposition to this sort of thinking is what being an "eagle" is all about. We can support battles to free people who are oppressed by the worst tyrants of the world, yet at the same time object vociferously to those who wish to demonize American culture as "indecent." I may be disgusted at times by such displays as the latest Christina Aguilera video, but I'd probably rather die than live in a country where such a thing is forbidden under penalty of death.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 16, 2002 04:42 PM
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