November 06, 2002


- I never thought I'd hear a more stereotypical Southern good-ol'-boy name than that of winning Georgia Senate candidate Saxby Chambliss, but then I heard about that state's new governor: Sonny Perdue. In other funny name news, the losing candidate for Hudson County Executive (in Jersey) was Ira Jersey. A Republican Congressional candidate in Indiana, Chris Chocola, won in a walk, thus sparing us all "Re-Count Chocola" headlines. But the best name on Tuesday was unquestionably losing Michigan gubernatorial candidate Dick Posthumus . That's right up there in the pantheon with House Majority Leader Dick Armey, and 1996 New Hampshire Senate candidate Dick Swett.
- It was very, very creepy to once again see the words "Bush," "Florida," and "Projected Winner" on the same screen at the same time.
- I had a running debate going with some friends over who's the sexiest candidate this year- the consensus seemed to favor new Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, though I myself am partial towards Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. But that's just 'cause Judi Dutcher lost the DFL endorsement for governor to the much less sexy Roger Moe.
- I was sorely disappointed that, unlike two years ago, Black Entertainment Television did not host their own election coverage this time around.
- And speaking of 2000, I also really missed Tim Russert and his "Magic Slate." Lester Holt and his blue, red, and gold-colored Senate seats simply paled by comparison.
- Did Harvey Pitt's sudden resignation as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the middle of election night remind anyone else of Boris Yeltsin's calculated decision to step down the night of Y2K?
- Lindsey Graham is living proof that even if you're a confirmed bachelor, even if you have a girl's name, even if you were endorsed by some guy from New York who once shacked up with two gay guys, you can still be elected U.S. Senator from South Carolina.
- I loved that the Winona Ryder shoplifting trial went to the jury just as the polls were closing in the East- would a verdict have caused the networks to cut away from election coverage? Just like State of the Union/OJ Verdict all over again.
- In the Crazy Candidates department, former "Dukes of Hazzard" star Ben "Cooter" Jones lost his race for Congress in Virginia- shouldn't he be running for Boss Hogg's old seat? Convicted felon James Traficant got 18.614 votes in his jailhouse bid for his old Congressional seat. And both of the misbegotten "Secede From LA" movements fell to defeat- sounded to me like white flight for people too lazy to move.
- And last but certainly not least (if you're willing to count Christmas tree-loving Norm Coleman as a "Jew"), there is now once again a minyan in the US Senate: Joseph Lieberman, Charles Schumer, Carl Levin, Russell Feingold, Herbert Kohl, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Arlen Specter, Coleman, and the returning Frank Lautenberg. Mazel tov; say Kaddish for Paul.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 6, 2002 08:59 AM
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