November 04, 2002

BROKEN 'WING': Entertainment Weekly (not

BROKEN 'WING': Entertainment Weekly (not online) signs on to my theory that "The West Wing" is no longer a good show. The best part of Ken Tucker's piece is his trashing of last week's episode's "debate" between President Bartlet and Republican Bob Ritchie, which was easily won by Bartlet- it couldn't be more obvious that the entire episode was creator Aaron Sorkin's wet dream of how he wishes the 2000 election had turned out- it's the debate (and electoral) trouncing of Dumb Bush by Smart Gore that never actually happened. No one wants to see Aaron Sorkin's masturbatory political fantasies- and that's why "The West Wing" has been losing in the ratings to the likes of "The Bachelor."

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 4, 2002 05:39 PM
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