October 31, 2002

DIVEST THIS!: Readers of this

DIVEST THIS!: Readers of this blog know that I don't tend to be too supportive of campus activism- I have enough bad memories of those self-righteous doofuses from my high school and college. But at least this cockamamie "divest from Israel" movement never gained much ground during my college years. It sounds to me like nothing but nostalgia for the Reagan-era "divest from South Africa" movement, which was itself of course nostalgia for the '60s. The equivilance between Israel and South Africa is offensive enough (funny, I don't remember Nelson Mandela supporting suicide bombers), but even worse, as Thomas Friedman and others have written, is that compared to all of the awful regimes in the world (indeed, in that part of the world) it is Israel and Israel alone that is singled out. And whether that's anti-Semitism or just plain idiocy is open to debate, but either way it's wrong.
So here's a better idea- since the European Union and its member states have shown so much compassion for the PLO and their cause, it's time to divest from the EU!

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 31, 2002 11:50 AM
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