October 30, 2002


THE 'CLUB' IS CLOSED: It was announced today that the new FOX lawyer show "girls club" has been canceled after only two episodes. The story of three young, attractive, female lawyers and their adventures after joining a conservative, white-shoe San Francisco firm, the show marks a rare failure for writer-producer David E. Kelley, whose success ("Ally McBeal," "The Practice," "Picket Fences") has always outpaced his talent, if you ask me. The thing I'll remember most about this show from the one time I watched it? It's likely the first network television drama in history to feature an autoerotic asphyxiation subplot in its first episode. Hell, even "Six Feet Under" waited until Season 2 to broach that topic.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 30, 2002 09:50 PM
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