October 29, 2002


SHOW SHOW SHOW, WHERE'D YOU GO?: As weeks of commercials trumpeted, last night at 5 PM EST was supposed to be the debut of "Around the Horn," a new talk show on ESPN to be hosted by veteran (albeit 28-year-old) fight analyst Max Kellerman. But contrary to Monday's TV listings, as well as weeks of commercials, the show did not air last night, and a re-run of Sunday's "NFL Primetime" ran in its place- and the post-"Primetime" "SportsCenter" preview bumper even ran at the wrong time, saying "SportsCenter is Next" when in fact "Pardon the Interruption" was next. And, during "Primetime," the ubiquitous ad with Kellerman ran once again, this time touting the debut as next Monday, November 4.
The question is, why the sudden switcheroo? Why was there no announcement, and why does no major newspaper have a story about it this morning? Sounds mighty fishy to me; though I'll be working on finding the answer throughout the day. But in the meantime, it sounds like somebody made like an idiot rookie third baseman (Drew Henson?) and dropped the ball on "Around the Horn."

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 29, 2002 08:39 AM
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