October 23, 2002


A MOMENT LIKE THIS?: I remember that day in September of 1995 when Cal Ripken appeared in his 2,131st consecutive game to break Lou Gehrig's longstanding record. It was a remarkable achievement and a great moment. But the greatest in baseball history? HELL no. The poll was conducted among fans, so I suppose it's fair to say it was biased towards events that occurred in recent years (Mark McGwire's 62nd homer also made the top 5). I don't know how the #1 wasn't Jackie Robinson's rookie year, as it was clearly the most historically significant event in baseball history; if not that, the 1951 "Shot Heard Round the World" or Gehrig's farewell would've sufficed. I also don't see how Game 6 of '86 didn't make the top ten; I guess a disproportionate amount of Red Sox fans voted. Though not enough to put the other Game 6 (the one with Carlton Fisk) on the final list.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 23, 2002 10:17 PM
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