October 18, 2002


DRUNKEN DUNLEAVY QUOTE OF THE DAY: "If, when the [sniper] is caught, if he is not a foreigner, I will bare my derriere in Macy's window." -The New York Post's Steve Dunleavy, who really, really hopes the shooter turns out to be a brown person of some sort. Though just so I don't have to see Dunleavy's ass on the way to the PATH, I just may hope so too. What the columnist is doing is calling what the sniper is doing terrorism, and in that he's right- whether he's al-Qaida or not, of course he's a terrorist, regardless of his nationality. Though come to think of it, isn't the very Australian Dunleavy a "foreigner" himself?

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 18, 2002 01:41 AM
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