October 16, 2002


SHOW ME THE (FICTIONAL) MONEY: Forbes Magazine presents its first annual "Fictional 15": a comprehensive list of the fifteen richest fictional characters. Santa Claus comes in first with an estimated net worth equal to J.C. Romero's ALCS Game 5 ERA (infinity), while Scrooge McDuck beats Ebenezer Scrooge, coming in fourth with $8.2 billion. I've always said that when I become a billionaire I want to build my own money bin like Scrooge had, complete with diving board so I could play in it.
Also, according the survey, Bill Gates is richer than every fictional character with the exception of Santa- so Microsoft doesn't exactly have a monopoly; if it did Gates would likely be worth infinity-plus one. And I've always wondered how Santa made all his money, considering he gives away presents to every kid in the world yet nobody ever pays him- not much of a business model if you ask me.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 16, 2002 01:42 AM
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