October 15, 2002


ANGEL, DEVIL, THORN IN MY PRIDE: Well, it was a good run for the 2002 Twins who, rather than get eliminated in November of 2001 like Generalissimo Selig wanted, lasted until October 14, 2002, when they lost Game 5 of the ALCS to the Anaheim Angels. While it was sad that the season had to end the way it did, I've said all along that just a playoff appearance would've sufficed, and we can all look forward to 2003, when most of the young team will be back, a year older and a year wiser. And maybe they'll even have a new stadium to look forward to.
I'm not mad at the Angels for beating the Twins; clearly, they were the better team. I'm not even mad at the Rally Monkey, though I really do think it's time they got an actual live monkey for the stadium to replace the one that's just on the scoreboard. What I am mad at is that damn kid who was dressed as a monkey for Games 4 and 5 ("julian monkey boy," I call him), and I'm even more mad at Fox Sports, for their horrible coverage of the series and of baseball in general. I'm sick of their stupid poll questions, those creepy and disturbing Halloween-based promos, and their constant, repetitive references to David Eckstein as "scrappy," "a sparkplug," and "a pest." And I'm sick most of all of those horrible announcers, Thom Brennaman and Steve Lyons, who at least once in each game called Anaheim a "small market." While we were blessed with the best commentary team in baseball, ESPN's Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, for the ALDS; Fox's coverage was about as effective as the Twins' bullpen in the 7th inning of Game 5.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 15, 2002 11:34 AM
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