October 09, 2002


QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Fun doesn't even begin to describe it. As someone who routinely attended dozens of games every year throughout the Twins long post-'91 slide--as a paying customer, mind you--this whole experience has been tremendous and gratifying on more levels than I could begin to describe in my current paralyzed, brain-static euphoria. You tend to forget that it's actually more exhausting to root for a winning team than a losing team. When the Twins sucked so bad in the mid- to late-nineties going to games was more or less like watching TV; it was something to do, but you no longer had any real investment of hope or enthusiasm in the experience. This sort of thing--playoff baseball--this is something entirely different. It might kill me." -Steve Perry, editor of the Twin Cities alt-weekly City Pages (not the Journey frontman), articulating my feelings exactly.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 9, 2002 07:30 PM
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