October 08, 2002

BROKEN TOMAHAWK: And just like

BROKEN TOMAHAWK: And just like that, the Atlanta Braves followed the New York Yankees into history's unmarked grave of '90s baseball dynasties. This means we'll all be spared from that horrible Tomahawk Chop theme song, and I personally won't have to suffer my little personal nightmare of the Braves avenging their '91 World Series loss to the Twins. And this also means that home-field advantage held in not one of the Division Series, and that the four remaining teams vying for the championship haven't won the Series since 1991 (Twins), 1982 (Cardinals), 1954 (Giants), and EVER (Angels). Bud Selig, let's see you TRY and mess this one up...

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 8, 2002 01:07 AM
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