September 30, 2002


SAME AS THE OLD MOSS: The only thing more disgusting than the Minnesota Vikings' 48-23 shellacking at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks last night was the ESPN announcers' excuses for Randy Moss' abominable behavior. To the laundry list of Moss' transgressions (his arrest last week, his numerous failed drug tests, his lack of effort on the field in the last two years), we can now add three (three!) dropped touchdown passes in last night's game- but you wouldn't know that from announcers Mike Tirico and Joe Theissman, who pursued the erroneous argument that the 26-year-old Moss is "just a confused kid" who is "misunderstood," and that the fans in Seattle who booed Moss throughout the game wouldn't do so "if they knew his personal situation." I don't mean to sound like Phil Mushnick here, but come on- why can't these people (the announcers, the team, the league) stop enabling this punk, start holding him accountable for his numerous misdeeds, and stop making excuses? If I were the Vikings I would not let Moss take the field again until he has undergone professional help, be it for drug counseling or whatever other disorder he may have. Because a Moss suspension right now may be the only thing that can save the Vikings' season.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 30, 2002 08:49 PM
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