September 10, 2002

9/9/'01: It's always been hard

9/9/'01: It's always been hard for me to think of September 11 without first thinking of September 9. A year ago yesterday I went with three friends (one of whom was this guy) to Yankee Stadium for a Yankees-Red Sox game, and the night before that we engaged in some drunken revelry at the famous East Village tavern McSorley's. I even took my friend ten minutes out of the way to walk over to Hoboken's pier and show him the view of the Twin Towers.
Ever since then I've wondered- there had to have been 50,000 people in the Stadium that day, and at least 50 in the bar. While I didn't directly know anyone who perished on 9/11, I must have come into contact with dozens (if not hundreds) of people that day who met their tragic end two days later. That just tells you something about the indiscriminate nature of terrorism- you could be hoisting a pint, watching the game, or sitting in your university cafeteria, when all hell breaks loose. But I suppose we can be glad that, except for that lunatic at LAX on the Fourth of July, there has been no terrorism at all within America's borders in the last year.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 10, 2002 11:54 AM
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