September 05, 2002

IDOL CHATTER: The inaugural competition

IDOL CHATTER: The inaugural competition of "American Idol" ended tonight with a victory for Kelly Clarkson, a 20-year-old Texan who will now be awarded a $1 million record contract. Now I must preface by saying that I didn't watch any episode of "American Idol" for more than two minutes, but I have one observation: Clarkson could become a star on the level of Britney Spears for all I know, but all the while she's virtually guaranteed to have "American Idol" in front of her name at all times for the remainder of her career. "And nominated for Best New Artist, American Idol Kelly Clarkson!" I can only think of one other American who has that same problem: American Taliban John Walker.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 5, 2002 02:46 AM
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