September 02, 2002


BRANDEIS FOOTBALL: STILL UNDEFEATED: In a moment that football-deprived Brandeis students can only dream of, Florida International University's brand-new football team took the field last week for the first game in the school's history, which they won 27-3 over Jersey City-based St. Peters College. The event was an instance of immense pride for FIU students, as the school is also debuting its new band (in addition, oddly enough, to a new law school).
On the heals of a newly-released Princeton Review survey that ranks Brandeis students the fourth least-happy out of 350 schools surveyed, it's more important than ever that my old school do something to get the level of happiness up. Legalize frats. Tell those PC zealots that they're not welcome. Get rid of that nonsense that requires people to "register" if they want to have a party. And by all means, bring back football! If that won't restore school spirit, nothing will.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 2, 2002 11:06 PM
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