August 21, 2002


DOWN WITH ANDY: New York Press' Christopher Caldwell has the best takedown I've seen yet of New York gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo, whose candidacy has been increasingly floundering over the last few months. When Cuomo says in a commercial that he "fought gun manufacturers- and the KKK" as HUD secretary, it's just so hard not to make fun of him.
I once considered going to work for Cuomo's campaign, but then I realized that he's merely a not too bright guy with a limited and not-so-impressive public service record who's running for a top political job for no reason other than that his dad used to have it (sound familiar?) I prefer the much more impressive Carl McCall, the State Comptroller and Cuomo's rival in the Democratic primary who would be New York's first black governor. As for Gov. George Pataki, I lost all respect for him the day he signed a piece of hate-crime legislation and stated that the new law "would have prevented the Holocaust." I like McCall- he's the only major candidate in the race who hasn't made a big deal out of his standing up to New York's ever-present Nazi scourge.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 21, 2002 09:47 PM
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