August 21, 2002


THE DEVILS SENT BACK TO GEORGIA: Two of the worst people in Congress, one on the lefty fringe and one on the righty one but both from Georgia, are out of Congress after losing primary elections last night- and good riddance to both. Wacko conservative Bob Barr, who began trying to impeach Bill Clinton almost immediately after Bubba took office and served as one of the managers when Clinton actually was impeached six years later. Barr also was an outspoken advocate of "family values," and now he'll be going home to his wife (his third, by the way) after losing to fellow incumbant Republican John Linder.
McKinney's loss, to former judge Denise Majette, can be chalked up almost entirely to the Jewish Conspiracy (thanks, guys!). The incumbant has been the most outspoken member of Congress when it comes to supporting the Palestinians and being hyper-critical of both Israel and America's War on Terror- even at one point accusing President Bush of planning 9/11. So naturally, money flowed from throughout Jewish campaign finance channels nationwide in the successful attempt to guarantee McKinney's defeat. The results of both elections have also been chalked up to Democratic voters crossing over and voting for the more moderate Republican, and vice versa.
Regardless of which side ends up in control of the House and Senate after November's midterm elections, look at all the evil, backward, or just plain crazy people who will be out of Congress next year: McKinney, Barr, Gary Condit, James Traficant, Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Dick Armey... whether Hastert or Gephardt or Daschle or Lott is in charge, I think we can safely say next year's Congress will be a much better place than this year's.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 21, 2002 07:30 PM
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