August 20, 2002


OUT FOR A SPIN: I used to be a big fan of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, but in the past year he's gradually grown more and more unwatchable. And now, with his campaign against a critical website, he's proven to be a rank hypocrite. While O'Reilly spends every one of his shows insulting public figures with whom he disagrees (Jesse Jackson is only the most common), he sent his lawyers after a webmaster who attempted to do the same thing to him. recently received a cease-and-desist request from Fox News Channel's lawyers because they dared to criticize the host.
Kind of ironic coming from Mr. O, with his constant championing of the "the little guy" in his struggle against "the powerful" (funny the way class warfare works- liberals rail against "the rich" while conservatives rip on "the elite," as though they're two mutually exclusive groups- O'Reilly's politics can only be called right-wing Marxism). If his $4 million contract hasn't proved the guy is a phony, maybe this legal action finally will.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 20, 2002 09:57 PM
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