August 19, 2002

WAY TUA GO: I caught

WAY TUA GO: I caught last Saturday's broadcast of the heavyweight fight between David Tua and Michael Moorer, although since the fight lasted all of 30 seconds, it didn't take long to "catch" it. What struck me most about the fight wasn't the quick ending, but rather the odd dichotomy between the ring entrance music of the two fighters. While Moorer came out to rap music, Tua (who normally enters the ring to war chants indiginous to his native Samoa) emerged from the dressing room accompanied by some kind of bizarre, Michael Bolton-like adult contemporary ballad. An odd choice, certainly, but perhaps Tua merely meant to distract Moorer with the seemingly wussy choice of music- and it looks like it worked, because Moorer took it on the chin less than a minute into the fight.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 19, 2002 09:17 AM
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