August 16, 2002


'LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR' UPDATE: Some of you may remember last summer's "hit" single "Bodies" by the band Drowning Pool, with its "infectious," repeating chorus of "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!" A ubiquitous song on WWF broadcasts for several months last year, "Bodies" may have been the nadir of the thankfully now-passe nu-metal movement- however, the song was immediately pulled from the air after September 11, for obvious reasons. Now, even after it's managed to regain airplay on K-Rock and other places, I've got a feeling it's about to pulled again, because on Wednesday the band's lead singer died.
David Williams was found dead on his tour bus, and cause of death is to be determined. While it may be tasteless for me to comment on whether or not his body did in fact hit the floor (just as it would be tasteless to ask if Lisa Lopes was "hanging out the passenger's side of [her] best friend's ride" at the time of her death), at least he didn't drown in a pool. Because that would've been the most ironic rock star death since Kurt "I swear I don't have a gun" Cobain shot himself.
According to another recent report, an soundtrack album for this year's Ozzfest tour is scheduled to be released on September 3 featuring a cover by Drowning Pool of the Metallica song (I'm not making this up) "Creeping Death." I think we can count on that getting scapped as well. There appears to be a lesson here, and it is that if you're in band and you're considering writing a song about death and destruction, stop- and start writing one about puppydogs instead.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 16, 2002 05:46 PM

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