August 15, 2002

TAKE! IT! OFF!: The New

TAKE! IT! OFF!: The New York Post's Page Six reported today that Kara Hughes, a high-level aide to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, was thrown out of a trendy bar last weekend after a man at the bar asked her to take her shirt off- and she did. Page Six neglects to mention that a nearly identical incident happened on a recent "Sex and the City" episode, and thus misses the whole story: it's clear now both that 1) women, especially in New York, have imitated that show to the point of absurdity- first they all started dressing like the women on it, now they're undressing like them, and 2) men are now aware of this, and are thus exploiting it for their own gain. Ladies, expect a rash of copycats in coming weeks.
You may remember a story about how on the night of Hillary's election victory over Rick Lazio in 2000, it was initially reported that Chelsea Clinton had been heard screaming "I FEEL LIKE A PORN STAR!" during the party, although the story was later corrected to state that another woman in the room (not Chelsea) had said it. Could that have been Hughes? And isn't this kind of a behavior that's to be expected from an aide to Bill Clinton, not Hillary?
Kara Hughes, by the way, is not to be confused with Karen Hughes, the former top Bush aide who thankfully has not been known either to doff her top in public, nor to declare her desire for a porno career.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 15, 2002 02:54 AM
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