August 12, 2002


GET WELL SOON, BRANDON WALSH: 90210 legend Jason Priestley, as most of you have probably heard, was critically injured this morning when his race car crashed into a wall at a track in Kentucky. He fortunately wasn't drunk this time, as he usually is when he gets into a car wreck, a boat wreck, or a talk-show appearance train wreck (like he did on Fox News Channel last year). On another infamous talk show appearance a few years ago, Priestly appeared on Conan O'Brien with the intention of pushing a product a friend of his had developed, the Padlock Cover, and Conan mock-admonished him for "turning my show into an infomercial." Checking today, I was happy to see that has survived the e-commerce crash, yet not only is there no "get well" note to Priestley, but there's even still a link to his racing team. Oops.
At any rate, please visit the site and order a padlock cover. For Brandon.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 12, 2002 12:22 AM

Brandon Walsh wass so sexay. Much better than Dylan. If you haven't read the funny article about Brandon Walsh, then you should read it on the Rob Bloom website at it's prety funny..

Posted by: Gina at August 10, 2005 12:06 PM
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