August 02, 2002

POST-LOGIC: The New York Post

POST-LOGIC: The New York Post published a correction in today's paper of their item yesterday that had indicated the late guitarist Steve Clark was still in fact a member of Def Leppard. Good for them; as any Post reader knows every day they do the paper they make terrible errors and they aren't normally corrected (perhaps they should try to hire StatBoy away from PTI).
For instance, earlier this week the Post published an "exclusive" that the NFL was planning a major Times Square bash to celebrate the kickoff of the season at which U2 would perform (Bono's likeness was splashed across the front page). Two days later, the paper didn't publish a correction, but merely mentioned that Bon Jovi would be headlining the show, and that while U2 wouldn't be performing, there was a chance Bono would appear in a non-musical capacity. And adding insult to insult, they spelled it "U-2."

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 2, 2002 01:29 AM
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