August 01, 2002


ART HOUSE CHIC: I saw two movies tonight, and both had key locations that were merely blocks away from the theater at which I saw them. The first was "The Kid Stays in the Picture," a fascinating documentary about '60s and '70s Hollywood producer Robert Evans. Narrated by Evans himself, it weaved together that narration along with old film clips and still photographs to create such a fascinating look at 30 years of Hollywood history that we almost forgive Evans for being such an unlikable cad.
When you get past its creepy premise (15-year-old prep schooler lusts after his stepmom, instead has affair with her best friend), "Tadpole" is quite a charming and funny little film. It doesn't fit into the Younger Man/Older Woman pantheon of "The Graduate," "Harold & Maude," and "Rushmore," but it also doesn't deserve some of the vitriol it's received: Andrew Sullivan (among others) has accused it of condoning pedophilia, while Armond White of New York Press called it "'The Graduate,' as if directed by a freshman." And as I've mentioned before, the director is Gary Winick, who is not to be confused with disgraced former Global Crossing CEO Gary Winnick.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 1, 2002 01:11 AM
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