July 25, 2002


EVIL DEAD TOO: With the consecutive deaths this week of Hamas kingpin Salah Shehada and "Turner Diaries" author William Pierce, it's sure been a rough few days for loathsome, Jew-hating dirtbags. Good riddance, I say.
As he was the longtime leader of the organization most responsible for Palestinian society's descent into a Jonestown-like death cult, the only sad thing about Shehada's death is that Israel has had to apologize for it. Because Hamas is an organization that carries out no operation that doesn't involve the suicide of its members, I believe it should be Israel's policy to round up and kill every last member of Hamas, and they shouldn't let anyone in the world let them feel the least bit guilty about it.
Pierce, on the other hand, was one of the few Americans in the 20th century who managed to be both a Nazi sympathizer and a Communist sympathizer, though he had a virulant hatred for blacks and Jews in either capacity. Pierce's novel "The Turner Diaries" of course became notorious when it inspired Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995, and the author later began a second career as a producer and distributor of white power music.
I personally want to thank the Grim Reaper for grabbing these two on his most recent jaunt; hey Death- any chance you could pick up Yasser on your way back?

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 25, 2002 03:10 AM
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